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  • We at LASULA are committed to providing our website users a secure and safe shopping experience. We respect and understand that our customers trust us to protect their personal information. We will not share any of your personal details to third parties without your consent.
  • Online transactions at LASULA are made through our secure payment security provided by Stripe Payments. We do not hold any of your personal banking details and never display your full credit/debit card details once entered.
  • We use Stripe Payments and Comodo to ensure the highest level of compliance under the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI). They adhere to the strictest levels of fraud screening, ensuring that all our customers’ details remain private and secure throughout the whole transaction process. For more information please visit Stripe Security Policy
  • At LASULA we would urge you to protect your own privacy by not sharing your password details to another via telephone or email. We guarantee all your information that you provide to us is securely saved.
  • Our website contains links to other websites. These other websites we cannot be held responsible for the privacy policies or practices these third party website may adopt.


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